Your Way Today

GPS tracking in less than two clicks

Why Another GPS Logger? 'Cos it's not made for IPO, it's made for own use.

Almost nobody needs to track his location just for himself. The sharing is the ultimate requirement of the tracking we really needed. So? Account? Registration? Friends, families, groups, circles, invitations? Email confirmation? Remember password? Oh, no, please. No more. Enough is enough. At last i can just call and explain where i am.

Your are my good friend. Ok. But it does not mean i want you to know my every movement. Surely I can not offence you kicking off from my friends. Have i to spent my life to manage everybody's access to every of my tracks? Well I prefer to do not track at all.

"Hallo, i am aproaching to you, please visit the site doubleu-doubleu-doubleu-murmuring-murmuring-dot-com, register there, tell me your login and wait i'll give you a permission to see where i am. What? You do not have a laptop near you now? You are busy? Ok... Than let's give up with that nonsense at all."

You have logged in? Ok, good, now open the archive of tracks on the left, click on the folder called "Meetings" find a track with your name labeled by today date. Do you see it? You don't? You must! Can you send me the screenshot? No? Ok drop it off - just wait while i am staying in the traffic jam - i'll call you later.

The Real Life. Let's adapt to it.

What could be simpler than just apply short number to the only text field on the well known site? Only one click link. Unless you do not have a laptop or tablet in your hands. In the other case to listen and remember or write down a number is the simplest way.

With Way.Today you have both the possibilities. You may call by voice and tell the number or message it with SMS as well as send a link via email or messenger, whatever would be best for you at the moment.

Definitely there will be a day you will want to hide you movement from most and share you location with others. Just one long press on the button and that's all - you have got another ID. 2 seconds to impersonate himself. Another few seconds to SMS your new ID and you are all set.

And if you do not want to share you position but vise versa you are willing to track the position of your child - what happens if he pressed the button for 2 seconds? Will you lost him? No. You won't if the tracking is locked with a password.

Do you need to remember and share the locations you were in few days ago? You do? Really? Well, then you have to leave us for sake of another service. We are simple people and do not want spent the days in naming and sorting the stuff we will never use, we just want to share or to track the positions an hour ago, half day, a day or probably yesterday. That's that we really need. And let the old dust to be blown off without any efforts.

And finally you do not need to remember the URL. No tortues trying to figure out either it is OnlineGPS or GPSOnline, just type into the browser address line two meaning words with the period between them: Way.Today and you are abroad.

Too Good to be True. What you need to check it out.

The bargain price Android smarthone from a garage sale with GPS sensor and internet plan is enough. We managed to support the ancient devices in order to let you don't affraid the expensive smartphone or tablet could be lost or stolen of forgotten by your children or elderlies.

Next install free app called "Way.Today" from the Google Play.

That's all. We hated idea of the subscriptions, payment profiles and such. This is why you will never pay a penny for use of the service.

FAQs. Most probably you do not need to read this.

Q. Why is the track so inaccurate? I used to see the smooth lines in the other tracking applications.

To save you battery life we do not keep the GPS receieve always on. Set GPS distance and period to zeroes with "Custom" button on your smartphone if you like to see as many points as you your device can get.

Q. I want to download the track and save it for further use.

Use another tracking service. There are lot of them and they will do this kind of work much better. We want to be simple. Though...